PALNI Affordable Education Toolkit

  • This guide was developed by the PALNI Affordable Education Initiatives Task Force to help promote ideas, tools, and partnerships surrounding affordable education and open resources across the state of Indiana.  Please feel free to remix and reuse any part of this guide in your own Library site, point your faculty directly to the site, or use it as a tool for finding and distributing resources to your faculty. We welcome suggestions on how we can improve this guide in any way and look forward to collaborating with you!

Preliminary Program Plan

  • The PALNI Affordable Education Initiatives Task Force developed this comprehensive project plan in order to identify components for future work in the arena of affordable and open education.  This plan is a result of an extensive environmental scan of peer consortial affordable education programs.


  • Calendar Handout: This handout outlines major planned activities for PALSave starting in summer of 2018, initiated with PALNI’s membership in the Open Textbook Network.
  • Infographic: The PALSave Team and PALNI Communications & Marketing Director created an infographic to easily explain the purpose of the PALSave initiative and use of Open Textbook Network.
  • PALSave + Open Textbook Network Infographic: This graphic highlights student success and explains your institutions affiliate status Open Textbook Network
  • PALSave Process: An infographic flowchart of the PALSave program and what it provides
  • Illustrative Journeys: Story focused maps providing conceptual examples of how the project will affect faculty and students
  • Glossary: A list of terms often used when talking about PALSave along and their definitions
  • Toolkit:
  • Swag: Email to request a swag pack containing pens, notepads, business cards, and pins with the PALSave logo.
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