PALSave Timeline

May 2019

PALNI receives five-year Lilly Endowment grant to support PALSave

April 2019

Thirty-five open textbook reviews completed by local faculty

March 2019

Amanda Hurford (PALSave Leader) appointed to OTN Steering Commitee

March 2019

Open Textbook Network hosts second “train the trainer” workshop in Indianapolis to engage campus leaders

February 2019

One hundred faculty reached with local open textbook workshops

December 2018

Started sending post-workshop surveys to faculty about their intent to adopt open textbooks

December 2018

Started providing $200 stipends to faculty who review Open Textbook Library titles

November 2018

Open Textbook Network hosts first “train the trainer” workshop in Indianapolis to engage campus leaders

October 2018

Held PALSave Kickoff webinar

October 2018

Admin Team and campus leaders begin to hold faculty workshops on PALNI campuses

September 2018

Started outreach to campuses with letter to campus presidents

August 2018

Recruited campus ambassadors to engage at the local level

August 2018

Formed an Administration Team to centrally administer the project

July 2018

Recruited and trained System Leaders at the OTN Summer Institute and Summit

May 2018

Joined the Open Textbook Network (OTN)

May 2018

Preliminary Program Plan Released and Initiative is re-branded “PALSave: PALNI Affordable Learning”

October 2017

PALNI Affordable Education Initiatives Task Force Formed